A Walk of Mindfulness

What is the first thing you think of when you go into nature? I personally have always beleived in a way we are connected to Gaia more than just parasites on this amazing living ball. Think about it! She not only gives us life through food, water, energy and even her life’s blood fuels our daily comforts. How many time shave you thanked her for these gifts? What about the trees and plants that give us oxygen, nutrients and beauty? When I go into nature the first thing I always do is take a really deep breath. This seems almost a reflex to me. I don’t think about it, I just do.

Recently I decided to vist a place I haven’t been in twelve years, Lair O’ The Bear in Idledale, CO. I put on my back pack (Thanks to Jeff I now have an REI Co-Op bag that was very comfortable) grabbed my walking stick and started on the Bear Creek Trail. WOW! What an amazing feeling connecting to this place again. Just from the first 100 feet you can feel the true power of Gaia. The first opening to the creek I came to whcih isn’t very far in I stopped, closed my eyes and took another deep breath. Magical! That’s the only word that comes to mind when I think of the feeling I got.

After walking about a quarter of a mile, I came across a family walking the trail with their dogs. They had the cutest husky puppy, he was black and white and wagging his tail. We stopped, talked about husky chewing habits and moved on. I thought about this for a second as I continued to follow the trail. How many times would we stop and have a random conversation with a stranger in the city? It doesn’t happen very often. I continued to take some more pictures along the way of course. So many beautiful paths to the creek.

After about a mile in I came to this beautiful clearing with a very old oak tree. It was truly beautiful. I put my hand on the tree and just felt it’s thoughts for a moment. I took my pack off, looked at the rushing water from the creek and took another deep breath enjoying the sounds and feeling I was getting at that moment. I stayed there for a bit, mediated and smiled when the rain started to pour. Time to go of course so I loaded my pack on grabbed my walking stick (And the new one I had found) left. When I came to the stream along the path I thought to myself “That’s almost perfect ins’t it.” it’s a brdige between our world and theirs.


Remember my friends, take time to enjoy life and every thing Gaia has to offer.

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Written by JJ Steelman