Kung Fu – It’s not just for the movies

Tonight was another hard night of training with Shifu Shi Heng Chao, 35th generation Shaolin Master and esteemed disciple of the revered Shaolin Master Shifu Shi Yan Ju at The Denver Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy. My boys and I have been going there for about four months now. I love going to the school for three reasons. It has created a new and lasting bond with my boys, I’m getting back into shape faster than I have in a long time and the academy is more than just a martial arts school, it’s a family.

It’s not the first time I have practiced Kung-Fu. When I was 14 my Kung-Fu family was a life line. Without those friends I would probably be like any other poor Irish boy living in the ghetto, a criminal. When I needed food they fed me, when I needed a place to sleep they never denied me and most of all they are the friends that I will never forget.

Thankfully my boys will never have to ask their Kung-Fu family for those things but when I see the smiles on their faces after class, the friendships they are creating at the school and the confidence I am beginning to see in them it reminds me I made the right decision.

It is said that “All martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin.”. I don’t know if this is true but I can say that it it is more than just a martial art. Shaolin Kung-Fu is a lifestyle that permeates your soul.

Well that was short and sweet tonight~ JJ

Written by JJ Steelman