No Easy Button

That’s right! I said it! One thing I learned a long time ago in life is there is no easy button… TO ANYTHING! Everyone does it, they get up in the morning and they ask themselves is today going to be easier than yesterday? I think the Navy Seals motto “The only easy day was yesterday.” is the most likely scenario.

Recently I started meditating again to practice mindfulness and just be able to clear my thoughts and process the day. My daily life (Until recently) has been sedated by crap food, binge watching, video games and stupid fucking lies. That’s right I said lies Oh no, no one should lie! Yeah that’s bullshit people. If someone comes up to me and says I don’t lie, I’m gonna call them on it because every single person does it. It may be lies of omission or commission but we all fucking do it. My biggest lies are that of omission, because I tell myself I am going to get shit done (Websites – Gym – Meditate – Write in a blog – Journal – Motions – Eat Healthier – GET OFF MY FUCKING ASS) you name it I probably procrastinated on it.

Meditation Ball in sound therapy

During last nights meditation I couldn’t get out of my own head. Yesterday was a great day! I got many things on my list checked off and I was excited. Right before my evening meditation I decided to tray an app on my phone with headsets. Seeing my mind was extremely busy I downloaded Headspace for iOS. It was extremely helpful in clearing my mind and relaxing my body.

Monday I started a morning meditation as well, and let me tell you the difference in my day! Just wow, taking just 10-15 clearing my mind and then writing down what I want to do for the day and setting small goals has been life changing. Mind you I will openly admit I am only on day 3 of doing morning meditations. The changes I have noticed is strong focus, energized and motivated.

Busy employees of business company

I don’t care who you are, in today’s world it seems life is always moving at a blur. You can be the most Zen person in the world and I can say you notice it too. IT’s NOT EASY! With the internet, mobile phones, jobs, kids, pets, friends, politics and life in general flooding your brain every moment it’s going to be a rough day. Take my advice my friends. Allocate just 15min in the morning to mindful meditation, write down your goals for the day AND JUST DO THE FUCKING WORK! Because there is never going to be an easy button for you.

Oh! And one more thing that has been helping (Shameless Plug Here) is essential oils. Specifically for this scenario I use Balance from DoTerra. It not only gives me a sence of “Balance” but helps me focus my mind on the current task.


See you all tomorrow~ JJ

Written by JJ Steelman